Panama Canal Situation June 22 2010
Subject: Panama Canal Situation June 22 2010
Send date: 2010-06-22 16:29:35
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We are attaching the Daily Customers Report for May 19. Projected queue as of 24:00 hours on May 21 is 28 vessels.
Full two-way traffic under the Bridge of the Americas was resumed this morning after refloating operation on the bulk carrier Atlantic Hero was completed at about 08:15. Effect on Canal traffic was minimal, harbor movements in and out of Balboa somewhat affected. Canal traffic and Balboa harbor movements back to normal.
Current average delays (today and tomorrow’s traffic) as follows:
Supers (large, over 91 feet in beam, transit with restrictions): 
Northbound: 1-2 day or less
Southbound: 1-2 day or less
Regulars (small, under 91 feet in beam, unrestricted transit):
Northbound: 1-2 day or less
Southbound: 1-2 day or less
The booking competitions today were as follows:
Second period Large vessel (slots for Jun. 9): 9 slots available, no applicants
Second period Small vessel (slots for Jun. 9): 3 slots available, 1 applicant, 2 slots left
Third period Large vessel (slots for May 22): 12 slots available, 4 applicants, 8 slots left
Third period Small vessel (slots for May 22): 7 slots available, 3 applicants, 4 slots left
The Auction Booking Slot for May 21 was not offered since there were booking slots still available.
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